A calculations program for alkyds and polyesters

Do you wish to cut time to move faster from product idea to a finished product?​ Don’t want to spend time on cumbersome lab tests to find out if it works or not?​ Then PerCalc might be the help you need to get started.

Welcome to PerCalc, a powerful web based calculation program. PerCalc makes it possible to manage complex calculations on alkyds and polyesters based on theoretical data. It also manage to handle urethane modifications created by isocyanate functionalities and ring-opening polymerization by cyclic esters like caprolactone monomers.

PerCalc is made for hydroxyl rich formulations and allows you to theoretically vary different parameter values in order to check and optimize various formulations.  All calculations should be confirmed in lab trials.

Simply fill in your pre requisites and let PerCalc do the math. Either you want to fine tune an existing recipe or create a new. PerCalc also helps to scale up your batches. You can customize the product library to add your own products to the already pre-loaded Perstorp products.

Perstorp guarantees that all data is stored locally which means that your recipes is always stored locally. You are in total control of your files by saving all data to your own computer.

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Login or sign up to PerCalc to get started with your formulations. User name and password are provided by Perstorp once you get registered. Both Chrome and Explorer supports PerCalc.


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Confidentially assurance

All generated data in the program is handled and stored locally on the users computer. Perstorp have no access to any calculations, formulations or added products created by the user. No data is saved outside local user.

John Jury

Business Development Director

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John Jury

Business Development Director

Contact me